Our Commitment

We strive to make every recipe healthy, locally sourced, and planet-friendly.


We do not use lard in our beans, and there is no lard used in the tortillas. While we know this is a traditional ingredient, we simply have never used it in our cooking. We use non-GMO sustainable sunflower oil.


We are super excited to be partnering with our friends Sam Fuller and Joe Bossen at All Souls Tortilleria! They provide us with our corn tortillas, tostada shells, chips, hominy and now - flour tortillas for all burritos and breakfast tacos! We have worked together to create the exact type of tortilla that reminds us of our favorite tortilleria in New Mexico!


We never use canned beans, but soak and cook from scratch all of our beans several times a week! We love cooking beans and respect these wholesome delicious protein powerhouses! It's a dream come true to be able to source bulk beans locally! We get our pintos (whole beans for our burritos) and our cranberry beans (for our refried beans) from Joe Bossen at Vermont Bean Crafters!


We currently are sourcing all of our red and green chiles from New Mexico & Mexico and have partnerships with Half Pint Farm, 1000 Stone Farm and Reap & Sow Farm locally to grow out green chiles for us this season! For one month of autumn we work with our partners at Healthy Living Market to bring in hundreds of pounds of chiles from Hatch, NM!


We have been getting all of our beef and pork locally either from our friends Dan & Dawn at Boucher Family Farm or PT Farms in New Hampshire. All chicken is either from Misty Knoll or Maple Wind Farm.


We are so excited to be able to work with our friends at Shelburne Farms! We use their 6mo. cheddar.


We source all of our produce from our friends at Half Pint Farm, 1000 Stone Farm, Reap & Sow Farm or from our own gardens in peak season! Out of season produce is from local distributors or local grocers.


We are so happy to offer you completely recyclable and compostable containers with every single order!


We use paper sacks that you can re-use or recycle in your blue bin at home.
We use foil containers and foil wrap that is recyclable in your blue bin if rinsed.
Plastic dome lids for the foil containers are recyclable in your blue bin at home.
Pint and quart plastic containers for frozen items.
Ziploc bags for frozen tamales and roasted green chiles can be recycled with plastic bags at the grocery store.


All kraft pint and 8 oz. containers and lids
Taco holders
Burrito bowls & lids
Little guys and lids for toppings
Take-away forks, knives & spoons


Nothing! Everything is recyclable or compostable!