Featured Artist: Elizabeth Pieroni Schulte

We invite you to view these electric paintings by local New North End artist, Elizabeth Peironi Schulte! All paintings are available for sale.

About the work:

My mid-summer collection of art is the representation of my quest for connection with others and the world. It is the first glimmer of dappled sunlight through new spring leaves, the alluring smell of the rain on hot pavement, the enchanting colors of fresh summer blooms. It’s impossible not to recognize that everywhere we look the light is growing brighter now. My approach to this work was through my need to surrender to the power of play and intuition. Each layer of paint and play informs the next. What lies beneath is behind us now but will always be a piece of the story we tell. It is my intention to create work that is playful, contemplative and restorative. Our reconnection and recognition of others that we see as the world opens up again is the basis of this new work. It is love and hope for a new, better and brighter future.

About the artist:

Elizabeth Pieroni Schulte is a mother to three creative, inquisitive and wild children. Her art is made in the margins of life as she simultaneously homeschools and tends gardens, children and chickens in the New North End. To follow along with her future creations please look for her on Instagram at EPSARTS1 or her website at EPSArts.com.